Walking In Circles

I watched a cute movie about a group of girls attending a week-long girls’ camp.  It had it’s fun, enlightening, tense, thoughtful, and serious moments.  Well done.

Part of the movie showed the girls on a hike which had a specific destination in mind.  They were given a map and compass.  However, after a couple hours, they realized they were hiking in circles.  One of the ‘newer’ girls took the map and was able to orient it in the right direction to reach their final destination.  They arrived soon afterwards.

I began to realize how often I had actually described my own life as ‘walking in circles’.  It often was difficult for me to get out of the long and lonely ‘ruts’ that were driving me crazy.  And I was reminded of how, just recently, someone had come along to say just the right and simple words that I had needed to hear.  This person was the ‘miracle’ that I needed for me to climb out of the ‘rut’ and resume my life’s journey.

I needed a spiritual correction to my false beliefs about myself and others.  Those words  gave me hope and knowledge, thus giving me the ‘compass’ to find my way back ‘home’.


The Miracle of the One

I stopped by a local restaurant for lunch.  I sat alone.  I ate alone.  However, at the table in front of me was an older woman who was also eating by herself.  She looked sad and old, almost a ‘crippled’ look and countenance.  I almost expected to see a wheelchair close by.  I  hesitated to follow my promptings.  I was feeling that I should go talk to her, but I am shy.  What would I say?

I had a long conversation with myself while eating my meal. I discreetly watched her.  She was nearing the completion of her meal.  Her check was on its way and dishes were being cleared.  Suddenly, I arose and asked her if she liked ice cream.  She had forgotten that, in this all-you-can-eat restaurant, there was ice cream available.  A childlike smile came upon her face and she said that she would love some.  I brought a bowl of her favorite flavor ice cream and also a bowl for myself.  I set hers down in front of her and turned to walk back to my table.  She asked me to join her at her table.  Could it be that while I was watching her, that she was watching me?

I gathered up my remaining meal and we sat, ate ice cream, and talked for maybe 20 minutes.  She asked me all about myself and also answered my questions about her life. She no longer appeared  to be  old or sad.  She was vibrant and beautiful.

She was a bright ‘ray of light’  just waiting to be loved and noticed.  And that’s how it happened that we became a blessing to each other that day.


Pay It Forward

We cannot know the lives we touch with any kindness that comes anywhere or anytime.  Kindness usually just comes in the ‘line of duty’ as we live our daily lives.

I have worked in customer service for many years.  The most interesting and fun thing I love to do is accompany customers to their cars.  Along the way we chat. This is often ‘therapy time’ for me.  Subjects are often very enlightening.

One beautiful day, as I left work, it started to rain.  I was heard to exclaim, “Oh, no, why did it have to start right this very moment?”  I observed a man and wife, under an umbrella, just arriving at the front porch.  He heard me, came beside me, umbrella still in hand, and said he would walk me out to my car.  I fussed at him for leaving his wife alone on the porch.  I said I would be fine.  He insisted, walking out with me and saying “Do you know how many times you have walked me to my car?”

I will always remember this unexpected kindness.


Miracle to Say “I’m Sorry”

I meet some of the most wonderful people in the world at the place where I work.  As shoppers come to the check-out station, not many, but just a few, express disappointment in their shopping experience.

One day a gentleman told me that the lady at the service desk had been rude to him.  I listened and then assured him that maybe it was not a good day for her.  This had been her first day back to work after the death of her husband.  His disposition immediately changed.  He completed his check-out procedure and left.  I turned to watch him walk away.  He immediately made his way to the service desk.  I did not hear the conversation, but I get tears in my eyes,  even today, as I hear, in my mind, the sincere apology he expressed to her.

Witnessing things like this is a beautiful gift, a miracle for sure.


Pajama Miracle

December 2015

The residents of The Villages, FL donated some 3-5 thousand pair of pajamas to be donated to the thousands of homeless children in the three surrounding counties.  The United Way was in the process of sorting  the pajamas, using a storeroom in a local Mall.

Barbara arrived early at the Mall and saw a father and a toddler playing in the children’s play area.  She stopped to say hello to them and asked how old the child was.  The dad was somewhat  cautious and asked why she wanted to know.  Because…………Barbara wanted to give the boy a set of pajamas.  Just then the mom came along and she too was somewhat cautious.  They did however, follow her into the sorting room.  Barbara  picked out a pj and handed it to them.  The parents looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces.  It turns out the parents had gone shopping for some pjs for their 2 yr old son, picked out a set, and then put it back because the cost was too high.  Guess what?  The set Barbara gave them was the same one they had chosen in the store and returned to the rack.

I would love to hear your own personal experiences. Please feel free to share them.  Send email to petersj001@msn.com